You smile to yourself, as you hang the mistletoe in a prominent doorway or from the bottom of a chandelier, every holiday season. You think about all the times you […]

The Christmas card, as we know it, originated in England in the year 1843. An artist named John Calcott Horsley was commissioned by Sir Henry Cole, a wealthy and successful […]

Your child’s just reached the age where Christmas really matters. All the preparations, all the planning and decorating, everything about the holidays is an exciting experience for him. Along with […]

You grew up, learning and loving the stories children are told at Christmastime, stories that have become a part of our cultural consciousness. And, now, your children are falling in […]

Are you going to celebrate Christmas in Budapest with Hungarian friends? I tell you some essential information about opening hours, public transport and some interesting Hungarian Christmas traditions. In mid-November […]